Our Focus

Bemax Inc. operations plan consists of activities in identifying the best marketing and distribution system and ventures for the company and its shareholders.

We Focus on These 5 Points:

  • Process - Review each project to realize profits short and long term.
  • Economics - Properly understanding and forecasting the economics of the business.
  • Earnings - Driving the company's earnings to be in line with the economics of that business
  • Management - Ensuring management is in line with the interests of the shareholders.
  • Execution - Having the company executing along the lines of what they are saying.

Key To Success

Timely response to customers' requests: We have provided prompt response to customers’ request. This has brought a positive bearing on our image and reputation, as well as impacting future business. We see need to be continually communicating with our customers, so as to ensure that products are delivered on time and according to the customer's specifications. This has go a long way towards instilling a sense of trust in our ability and establishing long-term relationships.

Excellence in fulfilling the promise: We supply and provide products of uncompromised quality to our customers, and excellent service. This is to meet their needs and standards. We acknowledged the fact that the company's success will be based on timeous response to customer orders and hence we intend to set high standards and work procedures.

Technology: We ensure quality delivery of service by utilizing the latest and most efficient order taking and distribution technology. We also keep abreast with technological developments, which ensure we gain and maintain a competitive advantage utilizing the latest distribution techniques

Networking: As the majority of our customers are wholesalers and intermediaries, we effectively network with the various decision-makers and order-makers to ensure a ready market.