March 11, 2021

Bemax Business Outlook for 2021

About Us

Bemax Inc., is a United States company actively pursuing opportunities in the rapidly growing global Consumer Staples and Household Products Industries. Bemax markets and distributes household products of companies positioned to make a significant impact within the consumer staples market.  continue..

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Service: Our intended target markets are in relatively accessible areas; we are able to meet their requirements in the shortest possible time

Current drive by government towards encouraging the participation of indigenous small scale entrepreneurs presents an opportunity that we may fully utilize.

Presently there is no reliable local distributors of disposable baby diapers and wipes, with less than a handful currently on the market.

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Relationship selling: We get to know our customers, one on one. Our direct sales efforts seek to maintain a relationship with our customers.

Diversified customer base: We obtain orders for our products from a wide customer base. This ensure lack of dependency on few customers.

Low production costs: The costs of our products are approximately a third less than the famous brand names and end user prices.

Sales Strategy

Our sales strategy will be through leading the leaders in the disposable diaper distribution industry. We have created an informational newsletter and letters of introduction establishing our position on the market, as well as the products we supplies. These letters are developed mainly for the large wholesalers, distributors, and institutions. Complementary coupons are also intended so as to raise awareness of the company and its products. Literature and mailings for the initial market forums are very important component of our business.